Howdy all? Its been a long time I’ve posted anything on here. Few reasons caused this but I’m back now. Missed me? I know you did. Today I have a short piece on compromise. I hope you learn a thing or two. Do enjoy;

I take your joy,
I steal your peace..little by little
Till you stand in front of the mirror and can’t recognise who you are anymore.
You who was so principled,
who had guidelines set,
Things sworn never to do or be a part of.
Hehehehe, the jokes on you now!
Sometimes I face you boldly, other times subtly.
The truth is I’m cunning, always have been.
I tell you its okay, no one ever need know.
But that’s a lie, because it can’t be hid from at least 3 persons; God, me and most importantly you.
Of course I never leave you empty handed, I “seemingly” reward you, for the time being that is.
But what I take away is far more invaluable and precious.
And when confronted with the truth, you begin to question if it was you that actually did such wrong.
I come in different ways to many people; that white lie, that exam malpractice, that bribe, that drink, that girl, that guy, that office practice, that habit etc and the list goes on.
My name is Compromise and I’m here to warn you to stay clear of me.
Remember it is far better to have your inner peace than to get mixed up with me.
“A good name is better than……”


Bushes, thorns, trees, shrubs
give a wave as I pass by
I am running, gap widening between my past and I
Memories screaming my name, I don’t answer, I keep running
Till it caught my eye, something resplendent
I stop running, it sparkles again
now I change directions, following its trails, its not as close as I think
I start running again towards this shiny object
I get close, I get close, I stop
Its not an object, its a person
I see her!

I see her, she doesn’t see me
I try to get close but there’s a bridge in between
“Baggages”, I hear is the bridge’s famous name
I look up, she’s staring at me
A thousand thoughts run through my mind
Should I stay? Should I run?
I’ve been running since, a break is needed don’t you think?
I take a step forward, I watch her reaction
Her face expressionless….I’m confused
I see her, she sees me

Two more steps forward, did I see her face light up?
Another step, I swear I spot a smile
now face to face, with all the courage I can muster
I ask “care to walk with me”?
She smiles, hands me her hand….we walk
away from the bridge, the memories, the past…

We keep walking….


Energy can neither can be created nor destroyed goes the first law of thermodynamics; this means energy is there..always
But it can converted from one form to another..
Electrical to mechanical as seen in fans and blenders, mechanical to electrical as seen in generators, chemical to mechanical when we eat and can move our body, sound to electrical as seen in microphones..and so on.
There is another form of energy present in every human of a certain age..sexual energy.
Like every other form of energy, it can be converted to other that’s the purpose of this write up.
God’s word is very clear on pre-marital sex. So to unmarried folks like myself,
What are we to do with this energy? I suggest conversion; not to mechanical energy by carrying out the urge. LOL. But to other useful forms of energy like sound energy (worship), mechanical (cooking, taking a walk, doing a hobby, etc), I don’t know of how we can turn it to electrical or chemical energy so no mention of that here..
Energy cannot be destroyed so do not think you can just stay idle and everything will fade. You have to deliberately convert it or else trouble awaits. Happy sunday and happy conversion!


Okay, its named genesis because this is the beginning for me. I’ve written stuff before, read a couple out to an audience, the response was great. So I’m like hey! Why don’t I expand my bandwidth…(Years after)well I’m here now!
Poetry, stories, opinions & solutions related on issues bothering Nigeria would be my focus for now…things would change as time goes on.
Always feel free to drop your comments (appraisals and criticisms), I need them to grow and be better.
Above all, if you enjoy what you read share with your friends, say NO to stinginess!! *cheers*